Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon on their instant friendship, stunts gone wrong, and black market kale

Kunis: “Kate and I loved each other so much that on our days off, we stayed away from one another. We were like, I love you so much, I’m not gonna push my presence upon you.”

McKinnon: “Mila and I both love food, I think to an equal measure. But the desire to just go sit in silence and eat was so strong. And we respected that in one another, which allowed us to stay sane.”

Kunis: “You remember the first couple of weeks we traded lettuce? We kept going, I found spinach, I have kale!”

McKinnon: “Oh my God, yes! Because we couldn’t find kale or spinach. And she got me some on the black market and brought me this fantastic offering.”

Kunis: “It’s very rare there. That to me was a very strong bonding moment.”

McKinnon: “It was so beautiful. I think you brought me arugula, maybe, or was it spinach? And I brought you some kale. And then we were off to the races.”

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