Tyra Banks’ Eve is (still) great in 13 exclusive <em>Life-Size 2</em> first look photos

Banks wasn’t focused on race when casting the film, and Raisa doesn’t want fans to be, either

“Never in the movie do I say, ‘Oh, I’m a Mexican owning a company.’ I’m Latina woman, I own a toy company, and that’s not something that’s a big deal. It’s not a shocker. I’m a woman who owns a company. It’s something that’s so normal. My culture and my background aren’t a statement. I’m just a person who knew how to find her way and run a business. At the end of the day, I’m a woman in a lot of pain, but I went to business school, so I know what I’m doing,” Raisa says. “That’s what the beautiful thing is, because there have been films where you see any person of color and they start poor, but then they get rich and they make it to happily ever after. No! This is a person who already owns a business, who’s already working, and who went to college. Her culture had nothing to do with her upbringing…. She’s a woman — an individual — trying to impress her mother. That’s a powerful statement, and that’s what I keep trying to make sure I do in this industry now. I take roles that don’t really point out what my background is, what color I am, but just the person I’m playing. It doesn’t matter what color you are; we all go through growing pains, and that’s what Grace is going through, and everyone can relate to that. It’s not a Mexican going through growing pains, it’s a young woman.”

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